β€œIt was my first time in Mahkota Medical Centre, and I contacted HMI after seeing an article in the papers about Mahkota Medical Centre. I came with my friend, and we were pleased with the speed of response of enquiries, as well as the personal attention and efficiency of the staff. The fact that it is associated under HMI is also a reason for my choice of Mahkota Medical Centre. We were delighted with the professional services rendered by the 2 dentists we consulted, and the warmness of the nurses. We were able to resolve all issues and get good advice. For Singaporeans, I would recommend having your dental treatment here as the service standards are excellent. You can also combine this with a short trip in Malacca. My positive experience would encourage me to consider Mahkota Medical Centre if I have any other needs in the future. Please keep up the good work.”

Mdm Seow, 52 years old (Jun 2012)

β€œI have done similar health screening at Pondak Indah- Jakarta and at Sunway- KL and I am impressed by the excellent personal service extended by your very efficient and courteous Customer Service officers at Regency Specialist Hospital; they are very friendly, courteous, and efficient and constantly kept me informed and assured of the next procedure and what was to be expected. The health screening doctor took time to examine each and every procedure with due care. He was very thorough with his explanation on each and every detail in the medical report. I am very pleased with the experiences I have had with Regency Specialist Hospital. Even the driver who drove us across the Causeway is very pleasant and friendly. I am recommending some of my friends to do their annual health screening at Regency.”

Mr Seow, 56 years old (Apr 2012)

“My husband and I did my health screening at the Executive Health Screening Centre of Regency Specialist Hospital. I took up the Wellwoman package while my husband took up the Wellman package. We are pleased with the friendly and thoughtful services of the hospital staffs. Upon arrival at the hospital, we were ushered to the health screening centre for registration. Registration was fast since pre-registration was done prior to the health screening day. In the past, I have had bad experiences in blood taking and was worried whether it would be another painful process. Fortunately, the nurse was very professional and managed to calm me down. The blood taking process was over in less than a minute. After the blood taking, we took the breakfast that was prepared by the hospital. There were porridge, bread and fruits to choose from. After breakfast, we proceeded on with other health screening tests, which were also organized in a systematic manner. I will return to Regency Specialist Hospital for future health screening since the price is cheaper and it is near my house in Woodlands.”

Mrs Chua, 48 years old (Mar 2011)

“I gave birth to my son in Mahkota Medical Centre in 2010. I have heard many good reviews of Mahkota Medical Centre and so I have little worries of giving birth there. I am very happy with my stay at the hospital. I stayed in a two bedded room which is fully air-conditioned and comes with a television. The delivery went very smoothly and I am glad that both my son and I were well taken care of by the doctors and nurses. The medical bill for my delivery added up to around S$1000 which was completely covered by Medisave. I estimate that it would cost me more if I delivered my baby in Singapore.”

Mrs Tan, 33 years old (Dec 2010)

“I had polyps growing in my nose and needed to undergo surgery to remove them. The cost of the surgery was too expensive in Singapore and my friend introduced me to Regency Specialist Hospital where I could use my Medisave. I called up the HMI office and the doctor at Balestier Clinic wrote me a referral letter to Regency. The waiting time for me to fix an appointment with the specialist was short and in no time, I was scheduled for the surgery. After deducting Medisave, I only have to fork out less than a hundred dollars which was very affordable. I feel that allowing the use of Medisave in Regency can benefit many people who are concerned with the higher medical costs in Singapore.”

Mr Lee, 45 years old (Dec 2010)