• The entire screening process may take 3 to 4.5 hours to complete.
  • Fast from 10.00pm the night before or at least 8 hours prior to any health screening tests. You may drink plain water if thirsty.
  • Postpone all routine morning medication (except anti-hypertensive drugs) until your blood sample is taken.
  • Light breakfast is provided at the Health Screening Centre, after blood taking.
  • If you are taking the treadmill stress test, bring along comfortable sports attire and appropriate footwear.
  • Ladies who are taking the mammogram are not allowed to use any deodorant, body lotion or talcum powder on the day of screening.

Things to bring

  • Personal identification card
  • Passport/travel documents
  • If you are covered by insurance or employer medical benefits:
    • Insurance card
    • Authorization letter
  • Previous medical records and X-ray films for reference
  • Morning medication (that you can take after the tests have been completed), especially for diabetic patients
  • Half a teaspoon of stool sample in a clean plastic container, collected no more than 24 hours before screening, if your package includes the stool for occult blood test

Special instructions for ladies

  • Screening should ideally be done about one week after your last day of menstruation.
  • Please postpone your appointment if you are pregnant.
  • Drink 4 to 8 cups of water if you are doing the pelvis or full abdomen and pelvis ultrasound, as a full bladder is required for these scans.

Health screening report delivery

A health screening report will be prepared for you. When you collect your report, the health screening clinician will discuss your results with you in detail. A complimentary review can be done at HMI Patient Service Centre in Singapore should you be unable to review your results on the day of your appointment. Please call beforehand to book an appointment.


Payment at Regency Specialist Hospital and Mahkota Medical Centre is to be made by cash or credit card, in Malaysian Ringgit (RM).